FS Solutions Team Seriously Plays and Plays Seriously

[fa icon="calendar"] Feb 26, 2018 2:49:51 PM / by Franke

We’ve all played with LEGOs, as children or with children, but members of the Franke Foodservice Solutions team gathered recently to play with LEGOs in a different way.  

Wait, the Franke Foodservice Solutions team played with LEGOs for three days?


Yes, and it was hard work in addition to being fun. LEGO Serious Play is a facilitation methodology used to foster creative thinking with the goal of enhancing innovation and business performance. Innovation comes in many forms; product, design, business modeling and so on but it is rare to focus on management innovation. That is why we played with LEGOs. We were expertly led through the process with Per Kristiansen; Master LEGO Serious Play Trainer and co-author of
Building a Better Business with the LEGO Serious Play Method.  

Kristiansen guided the Franke Foodservice Solutions team through building metaphors of our internal, external and personal identities and probed deeply into each subject through a series of questions. Each person shared insights to help develop our combined stories and the guiding principles we will use to facilitate our change.


LEGO Serious Play is an incredible tool for breaking old paradigms and developing management innovation, while unleashing the power of our teams. The experience for Franke Foodservice Solutions was both vulnerable and valuable, which brought us closer together. We are ready to take on our re-evolution… and more LEGO Serious Play.

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