How Your Restaurant Can Stay Food Safe Through Cold and Flu Season

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It’s the holiday season, which means colds and the flu are on the rise again. You might not realize it, or just not think about it, but sneezes, coughs and dirty hands can lead to an outbreak. Follow these tips to protect your customers and staff during the holidays.

  1.     Disinfect Commonly Touched Hard Surfaces More Often

Commonly touched hard surfaces in restaurants, such as door handles, chairs, menus should be sanitized more frequently during cold and flu season to keep up the defense. These surfaces are always touched at high volumes by customers, but during cold and flu season that makes them particularly vulnerable for transmitting germs.

  1.     Wash Hands Often

Restaurant workers have direct contact with customers, whether they are preparing or serving food product, handling payment transactions, or even making a fountain beverage. Encourage staff to wash hands thoroughly, and frequently. This may seem like a common-sense initiative, but it’s the most effective tool we have to reduce the spread of the flu virus.

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  1.     Keep Sick Staff At Home

Your staff gets sick like everyone else and infected employees have no business at work. The CDC recommends staying home at least 24 hours after fever ends, and rest is an important part of getting over any illness. Re-visit your sick policy if this isn’t standard practice for your foodservice operation. The risk of infecting more employees, or your customers, is just not worth it.

A culture of food safety in your operation has myriad benefits year-round. Get started this holiday season, keeping your employees and customers happy and healthy!  

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