Is Your Hotel Ready For The Holidays?

[fa icon="calendar"] Dec 8, 2017 11:10:26 AM / by Franke


Between Thanksgiving and Christmas and into the New Year can be an extremely high volume time for the hotel and resort industries. Families are traveling miles to be near family for the holidays, and hotels are their home away from home.

If you’re a hotel manager or staff member, listen up! With all that increased traffic it may be easy to forget some important tasks, the ice machine in particular. That’s right. It needs to be cleaned in preparation of all those holiday visitors, so don’t let this task go unnoticed.

Ice machines in hotels are at high risk for bacteria build up because unlike quick serve restaurants, hotel guests use a lot less ice.

While that might seem like a good thing (less ice = less work right?) it actually has hidden dangers. Because ice machine bins aren't cold enough to kill bacteria they are the perfect habitat for bacteria, mold, and germs to thrive. And when usership is low that means ice sits in the bin longer, and has a higher chance of being contaminated from that bacteria growth.

So, how do we combat this?

First, make sure you empty out old ice completely before you do a full cleaning of your ice machine.

Second, remember that the ice machine manufacturer's recommended cleaning schedule of twice a year is to prevent scale build up that is harmful to the machine itself, but that isn’t enough to keep mold and bacteria growth away. Be sure to check your machines every month for signs of mold, slime, or buildup and clean regularly.

Finally, consider an ice sanitization device such as the EcO3Ice. This unit utilizes ozonated water to destroy any bacteria that may have entered the water from the city’s pipes, and keeps bacteria from growing on its surface while in the bin itself. Because it helps prevent bacteria from growing over time it helps the machine stay cleaner for longer, which is a huge added bonus.

So as we head into the remainder of the holiday season remember to check your hotel’s ice machines to insure that you’re giving your customers a clean and safe experience while they stay with you and remember our tips for keeping your hotel’s ice machine clean.