Tips for Choosing a Specialty Fabrication Partner

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Tips for Choosing a Specialty Fabrication Foodservice Partner.pngSpecialty fabricated equipment is one of the easiest ways to increase efficiencies in commercial kitchens foodservice operations that can ultimately result in profits and a healthy return on investment. It can be a daunting task, though. Let's take a look at some tips for choosing a specialty fabrication partner.

When selecting a specialty fabrication partner, there are many different considerations to take into account. Ultimately, the goal is to select a partner who will help form meet function so team members are more efficient, service is faster, and customers are happier.

Why Franke Is the Ultimate Custom Fab Foodservice Partner

With operations in 37 countries and a 24/7/365 call center, Franke is not just committed to learning how your restaurant works but also providing the technical and sales support to see it grow. We want to understand your customers, your menu, your specific requirements, and the individual tasks of your crewmembers and commercial kitchen personnel.

"In-depth research lets us 'tailor fit' food prep solutions that meet your needs," says Mark Allegra, Franke's Director of Key Account Engineering. "We can do everything in-house, everything a restaurant is looking for in a fabricator."

According to Allegra, it's essential for a specialty fabrication partner to integrate into the kitchen operations to fully and effectively assist a foodservice establishment. For example, consider the following from a recent experience with a fast casual chain:

"We had heard how employees were running all over, grabbing lettuce and tomatoes from this station and that station. It was a pretty chaotic operation. So we sat there for a few days observing how things worked, how crewmembers reacted to orders. We took the information back home and engineered a piece of equipment that eliminated all that crew travel.”

Here are five benefits provided by Franke that helped facilitate success in this situation:

1) We have global engineering and manufacturing capabilities.

2) We are experts with all types of materials including stainless steel, powder coated steel, laminates, and more.

3) We believe in green manufacturing. Our 96 percent utilization rate of stainless steel with the remaining four percent recycled proves it.

4) We have in depth knowledge of all industry regulations on both a national and international level.

5) We provide value engineering. Our goal is always to design and engineer products that precisely meet a specific need in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Would you like to learn more about selecting a custom fabrication partner?

If you're considering a customer fabrication partner and are just starting to do your research, take a look at our free Guide for Selecting A Specialty Fabrication Partner. This is a great resource for learning the important questions to ask of any potential partner. Review it, and make sure you're getting the answers you need before moving forward with any custom fab partner.

Read the Franke Guide for Selecting a Specialty Fabrication Partner.

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